Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

We will be closing our salon from Saturday, 21st March 2020 to keep and maintain social distancing as UK government has announced yesterday, 20th arch 2020. We will update our social media platforms and website to inform you when we will re-open our business for customers. Meanwhile we will monitor the situation and follow government advisory. Stay safe.

Elegance Beauty at The Liberty offers one of the widest range of beauty & spa treatments for both our male and female clientele. our treatment menus are there to help you choose the treatment which is right for you and give you the approximate time each treatment will take. You can book online for your convienience, make an appointment by telephone or call in or we do endevour to offer a walk in service so you can get a treatment there and then.
Wax is more effective than shaving, waxing is one of the most popular hair removal treatments, targeting areas such as the legs, underarms and bikini line. Not for the overly sensitive, a waxing session may make you wince – but trust us, that super smooth skin will be worth it.

Silky Waxing

No matter what your romantic situation is, it is always best to remove unwanted hair and improve your skin's overall condition through waxing.

Eyebrow shaping
Upper lip
Lower lip
Chin only
From £6.00
Full face
Full face and neck
Full arms
Half arms
3/4th arms
Under arms
Under arms with hot wax
Bikini line (thighs not included)
Full legs
Top half legs
Bottom half legs
3/4th legs
Deep bikini line
Removes Hair from the panty line and a small way in leaving a fuller hair growth pattern on the top of the pubic area. Tidies hair around the inside of the legs. This wax is a more modest wax and removes all hair growth that would stray out of a basic panty line.
From £12.00
Leaves a landing strip of hair from the top of the bikini area that tapers down to the vagina. All remaining hair within the bikini area, around the vagina and between the buttocks is removed.
Brazilian with hot wax
Everything off.
Hollywood with hot wax
Hollywood with half hot half honey wax
From £8.00
Full stomach or Full back
Half stomach or Half back
Full waxing (not breakable)
Includes full arms, full legs, under arms, bikini line
Full body waxing (not breakable)
Iincludes full arms, full legs, under arms, hollywood, stomach, back, buttocks
Hot Wax Deep Bikini
Full stomach and Full back

Romford Branch

Pre-waxing advice

> For all waxing hair should ideally have 3 - 4 weeks growth for longest lasting results.

> If you are a first time waxer or haven’t been waxed in a while you may want to trim the hair (using clippers or scissors) to around half an inch, this will make waxing more comfortable.

> For extreme waxing (Brazilian and Hollywood) you will need to get naked from the waist down, but your modesty will be protected as much as possible.

After waxing advice

> Slight pink is normal, and indicates that the hair was removed from the root rather than superficially broken off, as it would be in shaving. This is the reason that professional waxing lasts so much longer.

> Avoid applying heat to the waxed area for 12 to 24 hours. This includes really hot baths, sauna, and steam. Also avoid pools, hot tubs.

> Avoid sun tanning for 12 to 24 hours. This includes any strong ultraviolet (UV) light exposure or tanning bed treatments.

> Avoid applying highly fragrant products to the waxed area. This includes perfume, scented body lotions, antiperspirants, tanning accelerators, cosmetics or feminine hygiene sprays.

> Avoid applying high SPF sunblocks to the waxed area for 12-24 hours after the waxing service. Only use professional after-care products recommended to you by us.

> Avoid applying high SPF sunblocks to the waxed area for 12-24 hours after the waxing service.

For best results

> Repeat your professional waxing every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the area and your individual hair growth rate.

> It's best to wax consistently, at the same time interval. This trains the growth cycle and gives you the best results. Most issues get better after your skin and hair follicles get used to being waxed... consistency is the key!

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