Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

We will be closing our salon from Saturday, 21st March 2020 to keep and maintain social distancing as UK government has announced yesterday, 20th arch 2020. We will update our social media platforms and website to inform you when we will re-open our business for customers. Meanwhile we will monitor the situation and follow government advisory. Stay safe.

Elegance Beauty at The Liberty offers one of the widest range of beauty & spa treatments for both our male and female clientele. Our treatment menus are there to help you choose the treatment which is right for you and give you the approximate time each treatment will take. You can book online for your convienience, make an appointment by telephone or call in or we do endevour to offer a walk in service so you can get a treatment there and then.
Having a spray tan is a great way to look tanned instantly. It provides a beautiful golden colour not matter what your skin type (there are 3 shades to choose from according to your skin tone). Included in the solution is a bronzing agent which means that the therapist can see exactly where they have been to ensure a nice even coverage, and also means that you walk away 10minutes later looking fabulous!

Golden Spray Tan

SiennaX is the market leading and award winner in sunless tanning for men and women with natural and health results. It gives an instant sun-kissed spray tan.

Party spray tan
Quick tan, get ready in 3 hours
Full body spray tan

Romford Branch

Spray tan benifites:

> 100% safe and odourless.

> Health, natural and all over tan.

> Perfect for all skin type and complexions.

> Lasts 5 to 7 days.

> Look stunning for any occasion (wedding, birthday, night-out, proms).

Treatment advice for the client preparation for application:

> Do not wax or shave on the morning of the treatment.

> It is preferable not to apply any type of perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils as they may affect the treatment.

> The evening before your application you will need to exfoliate your entire body.

> Pay special attention to dry areas of the body such as hands, elbow, knees and feet before moisturising preferably with the SiennaX Body Moisturiser.

> Wear dark, loose fitting clothes.

During the treatment:

> During your treatment you will be standing in a warm air stream whilst SiennaX bronzing mist is applied using a spray gun.

> The treatment takes just a few minutes to cover the whole body.

> Following the application you stand in the warm air for just a few minutes to allow the tan to dry so that you can step back into your clothes straight after the treatment.

Once leaving the salon:

> Your tan will start to develop 2-3 hours after application and continue to develop for up to 24 hours.

> Therefore it is preferable not to shower for up to 8 hours after the application.

> Any product left on cotton bed linen will wash out.

> Do not take part in any activity, which may cause perspiration during development time.

Maintaining your tan:

> With the correct aftercare your tan will last longer Daily apply SiennaX Body Moisturiser, a hydrating body lotion containing l-tyrosine.

> This ingredient activates the melanin in the skin ensuring your tan lasts the longest possible time.

> Exfoliate your skin with SiennaX Body Polish every 2 days to ensure your tan fades evenly.

> Do not rub but pat the skin dry after showering or bathing.

> Avoid swimming pools, as chlorine will bleach your tan. (If you suffer from respiratory problems, please consult your doctor before booking).

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